Solo show

2015     "glass art" Niederrheinisches Museum of Folklore and Cultural History e.V. Kevelaer, G
              "Glass art" Het Museum Petershuis, Gennep NL



2018     " Glas.Licht.Welten" Wilfried Grootens und Yoshi Yamauchi, Galerie: Worte.Werk, Kevelaer

              "Japanisches Glas heute" Glasmuseum Coesfeld Lette, NRW

2017      "Glas Wat Anders?!" ECI Cultuurfabriek, Roermond, NL

               "Japanisches Glas today"  Glasmuseum Frauenau, Frauenau

2016      Exhibition: Women 10th International Stained Glass Workshop"LUMIÈRE VISIBLE" Centre bourg 18160 Saint-Hilaire-en-Lignières, F


2015      Manu factum, State Prize for Crafts in NRW 2015 Museum of Applied Art, Cologne
2014      polyphony in Glasgalerie Kurzendörfer
; Kaspar Hauser Castle, Pilsach, G

               Glasstec glassart Messe, Dusseldorf
               10.Glasbiennale Roermond in the cloister of the former Carthusian monastery,
Roermond NL Mariska Dirkx Roermond, NL
               13 years of art in the cloisters, traveling exhibition "Reflections"  in the cloister of the monastery church Marenthal,

               cloister Mariadal 5916 PL Venlo, NL and Collegium Augustinianum, Gaesdonck, Goch, G


2013      manufactum, Museum of Art and Cultural History, Dortmund, G
              12. Art in the cloister,topic: " Arche" Kloster Marienthal, Hamminkeln, G

             "200 years of glass Gernheim" exhibition "rotation SiO2" Westfälisches Industry Museum, Peters Hagen, G
              Transparency in Parliament 15 years GKV - Special, Dusseldorf, G


2012      Glasstec, (Messe) Dusseldorf, Pavilion of Glass Artists Association
               200 years glass Gernheim, special
 GKV "rotation SiO"
               11. Art in the cloister "Topic:" Babel "cloister Marienthal

2011      10. Art in the cloister "ten" cloister Marienthal
               Exhibition: Women 11th International Stained Glass Workshop,  "Private Collections" in the University of Reykjavik, Iceland

2010    "unit is the variety"
10 years of GKV,  Glass Museum Immenhausen 

               Glastec; Pavilion of Glass Artists Association
GLASpekte" GKV NRW, Glass Museum Ajeto , Novy Bor - Czech Republic
               German Stained Glass Museum Linnich "FOCUS ON THE MODERN"  Stained glass
Studio, Hein Derix Kevelaer
              "Bread and Roses" Kloster Marienthal, Art in the cloister
              "GLASpekte" glass artist from North Rhine-Westphalia in dialogue with works from the glass museum Hentrich
, Dusseldorf


2009      Exhibition: Women 10th International Stained Glass Workshop, 20th anniversary. Centre International du Vitrail in Chartres, France
"Bread and Roses" Kloster Marienthal, Art in the cloister,

2008      Exhibition: Women 10th International Stained Glass Workshop, 20th anniversary. Cathedral in Liverpool, UK
topic: "resurrected" Kloster Marienthal 
               New Acquisitions 2007 Ernsting Stiftung, Coesfeld-Lette
               St. Joseph Gallery Boerhaavestraat 38921 TN Leeuwarden, NL

2007     "More than glass in the house Goltzius "Goltziusstraat 21, Venlo NL
              "Glass in glass houses" Gallery Welti Volmerswerther Strass, Dusseldorf
"Cross"Kloster Marienthal, Art in the cloister,

2006     "Spirit Journeys" Women, 9th International Glass Workshop  Glass Artists'Gallery, Sydney 2037 NSW Australia
              "Rhine Gold" Glass Artists Association NRW, Glass Museum, Rheinbach
The root thee" Kloster Marienthal

2005    "Transportable" Glass Artists Association NRW, Westphalian Industrial Museum, Gernheim

              "Thou shalt not make any graven image" Kloster Marienthal

2004     Glass Art Today, meditation in Glass, Gallery Mariska Dirks, Roermond (NL)
              International Contemporary
stained glass in conversion, German Stained Glass Museum, Linnich