1939              Born in Shimotsuma-shi, Japan

         1958-63        studies at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo oil, fresco-painting
                                and mosaic, among others Prof. Luca Hasegawa

         1961              Foundation of the mural association with Prof. Luca Hasegawa and studymates

         1966- 68        studied at the Academy in Venice, Prof. Bruno Saetti and 4 months Internship in                            

                                stained glass Hein Derix, Kevelaer


                                                     1968              mosaic work in Venice to design from Prof. L. Hasegawafor the Church of the Annunciation 
                                                                            in Nazareth

                                                     1970-74        restoration of the ceiling painting in the former Crown Prince Palace in Tokyo

                                                     1974-99        activities as a glass painter at the stained glass Hein Derix, Kevelaer


                                                     Since 1988   "The Women's International Glass Workshop" Biennale

                                                     1990              International Flat Glass Workshop, University of the Arts, Berlin


                                                     Since 1999    membership in the Glass Artists' Association, NRW e.V.